Here’s How to Deal with the Mess After Your Office’s Christmas Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But dealing with the mess after your office’s Christmas Party can leave you feeling less than holly jolly.

While the season brings the perfect opportunity to get together and celebrate, the reality is that the aftermath of your holiday party can be a bit overwhelming. If your party is located at your office site or you and your coworkers are responsible for cleaning up after the gathering, it’s essential to know just how to deal with the mess after your Christmas party.

Continue reading for some pro tips on cleaning up after your celebrations this holiday season.

Tips for Dealing with the Mess After Your Christmas Party

Here are some pro tips that will help give you that warm and fuzzy, stress-free feeling:

Make a Plan — In addition to planning the party itself, make sure to plan the after-party, AKA, the cleanup party, especially if the following day is a working day. Assign coworkers different jobs to help keep the workload merry and light. Thoughtfully place plenty of garbage bins throughout the space to ensure stacks won’t pile up, and people help by discarding their own trash.

Declutter — Before the festivities begin, take some time to declutter the space. Decluttering gets rid of the visual mess and makes post-party cleanup a breeze. Keep your trash and recycle bins close by as you take on this task — you’ll definitely find things that you and your coworkers can part with. Starting with a clean and tidy space makes for easier post-festivities cleanup.

Address Spills Right Away — You can expect a spill or two during your office Christmas party, so make sure you are ready to address the spills immediately. So be sure to keep supplies in an easily accessible place. For spills involving alcohol or smelly foods, make sure to use odor neutralizers to get rid of any scents left behind.

Keep Decorations Simple — The takedown of your party will be much easier if the step up is easy. Keep your visual holiday decor simple and understated. You can add plenty of holiday spirit with non-visual things like a holiday-scented flameless candle and the greatest Christmas music hits. These items easily set the tone for the party but do not require any cleaning up.

Wipe Every Surface — Surfaces may appear clean; however, most surfaces will have some sort of grime or sticky stuff on them after a party. Your last step should be a thorough cleaning of all surfaces in your office. You may want to disinfect all surfaces, too, to get rid of winter germs after a large gathering.

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